Guest comments

Robin & Reitte Duncan

Visiting Tsakane has been a blessed step on a new journey and adventure in my life. We experienced glorious beauty in the wildlife, the landscape and the stars. I am grateful for the expertise and knowledge of Hardy, who never hesitates to answer each question with depth and meaning. Tremendous food and hospitality, we enjoyed it immensely.

Irene & Fritz

Thank you for a great, unforgettable week in the bush! We had lots of wonderful days at Tsakane in a very relaxing atmosphere with exciting walks through beautiful scenery. During the days we had wonderful walks and incredible food, and at night we could listen to the special sound of the bush.. Thank you for the great stories, great food, hospitality and thrilling walks. Especially to Hardy, who made this time such a memorable experience. It will have a great impact on how we see nature in general, and South Africa in particular. These friends will surely come back to Tsakane one day!

Alysia Kegel

I had a fantastic stay at Tsakane! Hardy and Terry are a great pair who bring so much to the experience of being on a Big 5 safari! Terry has a vast amount of knowledge that he shared throughout the experience and I felt completely safe walking through the bush with him. It was exciting to see so many animals in their natural environment, and approaching them on foot is very special indeed! The camp itself was lovely, the food is delicious, and the support staff are friendly and efficient. Terry is committed to making sure we see the best of the area, and gave me great tips on where to travel next. His knowledge and experience is also impressive and he shared it so enthusiastically. Tsakane will be recommended to all my friends and family.

Pauline & Otto

Thank you for a truly wonderful time! We walked, we saw, we talked, we learnt, and we were tested! Thank you to everybody for your kindness and hospitality, everything was explained to us in detail and with passion. We loved every minute!A great sighting of elephants, giraffe and wildebeest all on our last morning walk, adding to the wonderful experiences of approaching game on foot.

Ryan & Tina

We had such a special moment observing dwarf mongoose playing on a rocky outcrop. The staff worked dilligently to give us an incredible holiday, and is much appreciated by both of us. Swapping recipes with Mark, and being informed about all that lives in the bush has been a wonderful experience we will never forget. Extremely knowledgeable and enthusiatic guides make Tsakane special.


Thank you for an incredible stay at Tsakane! I absolutely loved the tracking; hearing the thought processes, the deductions, figuring out which creature big or small might have gone where. Thank you for your patience. My two highlights were tracking lion spoor, (WOW) and encountering elephants on foot drinking from the watering hole. Your hospitality was superb, and the food excellent. My sister recommended I come here, and it proved to be an excellent decision! Heaps of thanks!

Jolanta & Pozman

Dear Tsakane friends! Thank you for taking such good care of us, we had a lovely and unforgettable time with you all! We enjoyed everything very much, the peaceful atmosphere and silence is just what I needed the most. Thank you for the delicious food, and mix of tastes; the friendly atmosphere and the serenity. All the best for you. Be happy!

Ben & Renee

To all the wonderful staff at Tsakane, thank you for an amazing experience on the first adventure of our honeymoon! We had the most incredible time; from the people to the food, and most of all to the animals that we saw. We appreciate all the hospitality, especially our candlelight supper in the bush. We will be telling anyone visiting South Africa to come and visit the camp, as we could have not asked for anything more! We will be back one day with our family, to experience the amazing time we had. Best wishes, and thanks!


Hi Guys! It’s me, a young German guy who had never got the chance to see nature in the way you have the chance to here. Leaving the road and arriving into the wild bush, you feel that the area looks like a safari film! Once you arrive at Tsakane Safari Camp you are reliving those movies. A heart warming welcome from Terry, the most impressive ranger I will ever meet, beautiful luxury food, lovely tents and long talks around a fire are all you could ask for.
I have never met a group of people with so much passion for nature!
Thank you everyone, I’ll be back!