Malvezzi Family 09/08/2014

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Dear Mark,
In order to be more original than the others (as all Italians are!) we would like to thank you with our list of BIG 5!

1) "Can I finish first? And then you can talk..."

2) "You have not listened to me, as always!"

3) In our first walking safari we saw giraffe and we went to close to them without discipline.. Luckily they weren't buffalo!

4) We saw so many lovely animals under your guidance, with a brilliant rock music soundtrack!

5) NEVER EVER RUN! (But if you see a lion in front of you, run towards him screaming like hell!)

Thank you for all and everything you have done. It truly was an amazing experience. We will never forget it. P.s. We promise we will not do anything that you wouldn't do!!

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